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Kotlin coroutines and concurrency In Depth
Coming soon

Coroutines give you incredible power as a programmer once you master them! Their usefulness goes beyond just simplifying concurrency.

However, the path to mastering coroutines and the large ecosystem around them is challenging. The road is full of difficulties ranging from unexpected behaviors and slowness to many other sorts of problems that will make you feel not productive enough in the early stages.

This course's ambition is to help you unlock the full power behind Kotlin Coroutines in the fastest and smoothest way possible by going in-depth into how they work and helping you build an accurate mental model to correctly reason about them. We will explore the large ecosystem around them and systematically combine theoretical explanations with practical and real-world examples and projects.

This course is not available yet but will be released soon. Stay tuned for updates by subscribing to the mailing list below.

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